Project: Seabury Home

Scope of Work:
The interior of this highly efficient, LEED Certified home features Walnut & Thyme polished floors. The focal-point of the kitchen is the curved, tapered concrete island base with a stone top inset in a beautifully hand-crafted maple dining top. Since it would be beyond cumbersome to transport and install, the island base was cast-in-place into a custom-made fiberglass mold. Its curved top was precast, finely ground and perfectly shaped to follow the contours of the maple.

Outside, the property also boasts a dramatic heavily ground driveway with finely ground borders that leads up to the home's grand entrance. The entryway is finely ground and has two custom-designed, cast-in-place pedestals with tumbled stone insets supporting the large fir columns. The home's entire foundation was coated using a cement-based product with slate pigment dye for a touch of color and smooth, seamless finish.

The large back patio and terraced walk lead to the rectangular pool which is encompassed by ground and polished concrete. The finish alternates between heavy and fine grinds to delineate sitting areas and the coping from the rest of the deck. Tumbled stone breaks were formed out to break sections apart and give the patio and pool area the zen feeling they were going for.

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