Integral Dyes for Concrete Floors [Download PDF Color Chart]
Integral Dyes are a liquid pigment color that is added into the concrete mix on-site while it is being poured, giving color throughout, rather than just on the surface. We primarily use this coloring method for interior and exterior ground and polished surfaces. The concentration of integral dyes can be adjusted to achieve a wide range of colors and the result has beautiful variation that can only be achieved in concrete.

Penetrating Dyes for Ground & Polished Floors [Download PDF Color Chart]
Penetrating Dyes are used during the grinding and polishing process for interior floors. They are worked into the surface and provide rich, lustrous color in a range of tones. This process is ideal for existing floors that are being refurbished or to achieve colors that are not available in integral dyes (see above). Generally, we recommend integral pigment dyes for color when we are pouring a floor or area to be ground and polished.
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