How does stamped concrete compare in cost to other materials? Stamped concrete is generally less costly than natural stones like blue stone and pavers and more than broomed concrete, asphalt, and some manufactured stones.

How many different pattern options do you have?
We currently offer 7 different patterns and multiple border options. We also offer Ground & Polished, Exposed Aggregate, Broomed and Swirled, as well as many Interior Floor options. Click here to view our patterns.

How do you price stamped concrete? Stamped concrete is generally priced by the square foot. Patterns are taken into consideration when pricing a project, as well as site/soil conditions, access, and any complex forming a job may require. Click here to get a quote.

Can stamped concrete crack? Unfortunately all concrete can crack. Proper ground prep and adequate expansion joints will minimize the potential for cracking. With a solid base of crushed stone, we pour stiff, using a 4000 psi mix with fiber and wire reinforcements. The occasional hairline is unavoidable, but that's generally the extent of cracking we experience, if any at all.

Is stamped concrete slippery? It can be when wet. Upon request, we can use a silica non-skid additive in our sealer to improve traction. This is highly recommended around pools.
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