Why are finished concrete floors a good option for homeowners? Concrete is an efficient heat conductor due to its thermal mass. It is a green alternative to other materials requiring layers and adhesives and it provides a unique look unparalleled by hardwoods and tile.

Are concrete floors more cost-effective than other materials like hardwood or tile?
It can be, mostly because majority of the time a concrete sub-floor is being poured beneath hardwood and tile. By making concrete the finished floor, you reduce cost in materials and labor.

How thin can you pour an interior floor? We generally do not recommend going any thinner than 1.5" in order to ensure you're getting a strong slab with proper reinforcements.

What are the different finish options for interior floors? For floors in living spaces, we highly recommend a ground and polished finish. This process will bring the floors to a high polish with a 30-year finish. Floors can be colored using a range of dyes and stains, and may be densified and treated with a water-based sealer and burnished.

Can polished concrete crack? Unfortunately all concrete can crack. Proper ground prep and adequate expansion joints will minimize the potential for cracking. With a solid base of crushed stone, we pour stiff, using a 4000 psi mix with fiber and wire reinforcements. The occasional hairline is unavoidable, but that's generally the extent of cracking we experience, if any at all.
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