Colored Hardeners & Release Agents for Stamped Cocnrete [PDF Color Chart Coming Soon]

We are able to achieve our wide range of multi-tonal colors for stamped concrete with the use of colored hardeners and release agents. The hardener is is broadcast onto the concrete, then worked into the surface before the application of the release agent and before the area is stamped. The application of the release agent is the second step in our coloring process. Its primary function is to act as the bond-breaker between the concrete surface and the rubber mat used to make the impression, yet this process also visually enhances contrast depth. The release agent is retained within areas with deeper texture depth and seams. Majority of the release agent is removed once the area has been stamped, using a pressure-washer. The remaining release is the resulting variations in contrast, similar to the variegated appearance of natural stone.

Integral Dyes for Stamped Concrete [Download PDF Color Chart]
Integral Dyes are a liquid pigment colors that are added into the concrete mix on-site, giving color throughout. We primarily use this coloring method to give color to the vertical face of concrete in such applications as pool deck copings and steps.
The drawbacks of using integral dyes for exterior stamping are that it is difficult to achieve light colors, due to the product’s iron-oxide base, and we have found that with the surface application of colored hardeners, we get more vibrant, consistent colors, as well as better contrast.
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